partner with iag foundation today

Our Business Partnerships Team welcomes the opportunity to discuss your unique needs and ideas.

For more information on how your company can make a huge impact on the lives of children, please contact:

Rod Amar, Corporate Partnerships Coordinator
Phone: 954-557-8029 

Cause-related Marketing

Let clients know your company is socially responsible by marketing a product or service in support of our mission. This will differentiate your product, increase your sales and revenue, generate valuable support for IAG Foundation's work, and help enhance your company’s image in the process. 

Event Sponsorship

Partner with us around major public engagements and support events. Some of the events and projects are:

  • First Time Homebuyer Seminars
  • First Time Business Owner Seminars
  • Building  and Growing your Business Seminars
  • Back to School Drive
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Drive
  • Christmas Present Drive - Books...Software....Tech Toys....Talent Developing Gifts 

Natural Disaster Preparation and Recovery

IAG Foundation mobilizes to respond to the immediate needs of children and families affected prior and after the event. Our corporate partners can support our life-saving work by fundraising for the emergency, working with employees to communicate the needs to your network of clients, vendors or customers looking to help save lives. 

Support a Project

Throughout the year IAG Foundation  works to change the lives of an entire community through sustainable, community-led projects that will improve the quality of life for children and families. Your company can watch a community lift itself out of poverty and begin a cycle of progress, all thanks to your help of your team. 

Sponsor a Child or Parent

When a child or parent has discovered their God given talent and needs educational materials, seminar, travel arrangements, or tools to get to fully develop it. You or you company company can sponsor some or all of the requests needed to fulfill that dream.